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Alexandra Taylor                                                                                                                               

Instructor Ingrid Kelly

Eng 120 12:40-2

Aug. 30th, 2012

Technology in Education

     Technology is not to be a replacement of teachers and educators. Teachers are still 

needed to help students discuss and expand upon ideas and explain the subject. 

Technology has many great uses to assist in education and the learning process but it 

should not serve as an educator replacement. Technology also helps students communicate 

with each other.

     Technology in the classroom should be used in moderation. It should fully change the 

way people are educated. In online classes it is very easy to cheat during test and quizzes 

because the teacher is not there to watch over the student. Cheating in education is harming 

the student. When a student is in a classroom the teacher is there to provide accountability.

     Another reason I do not believe technology should fully be used in the classroom is 

because technology takes away from the learning environment. I think interacting with 

teachers and peers in a classroom is a very effective way of learning. In an online class there 

is not as much interaction and it tends to be a little more restrictive. Debating and listening to 

the other students ideas can be a great learning tool, however; it isn’t very easy to do that in 

an online class.

     The benefit of technology in education is that it provides an excellent source for 

resources. Being able to google a question or statement to find more information has 

become very common in modern education. The internet really opens up an entire new 

world, so to speak, when it comes to education. Of course, this is a double edged sword 

because the internet also provides a path to dishonesty and cheating.

     In summary, the technology can be a very good tool in education but does not and should 

not replace teachers and educators.

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  1. Since this is a reading response you might want to include the author and the title of the article in the opening paragraph. I felt your points were clear but you could have used evidence or though to backing up your point. You did persuade me, I really liked the part where you talked about cheating in online classes. That was a big factor in the persuading of the reader about technology in classes. The introduction created interest, but the conclusion should reworded due to the fact that is a little confusing. I found no editing problems. You have I think two choppy sentences, but other than that your style is great and organized. The best part of the paper has to be when you talked about cheating on the test. i really enjoyed reading your response, we agreed on the same topic.