Wednesday, September 19, 2012


      Blazers are a hot item for fall. Blazers are very chic and easy to style. Throw a blazer on over a t-shirt, either a graphic tee or plain tee out a cute pair of jeans with some boots or flats and there you go! Cute and casual outfit perfect for class. For a girls night out put on a cute dress or blouse and put a blazer over it. Add a cute pair of heels and now you have a fun outfit to go out in. Blazers are so versatile, comfortable and fashion forward. When shopping for a blazer make sure the blazer has a flattering fit (not to boxy) and a little bit of stretch is a girls best friend!

Happy Shopping !


  1. I LOVE blazers! They are so amazing. And like you said in the post you can just throw it on over a anything and it will still look great.
    I am so looking forward to seeing what you blog about next!

  2. After shopping with my girlfriend many time I can say with confidence that a good fit is not easy find. Blazers are also a very versitile article of clothing.

  3. I personally am not a fan of blazers. I think it is because I have never been able to find one that fits properly. I think that is a common problem as I often see women in ill fitting blazers. I like the selection of blazers you have in your post, I think I would like to see more about how to find the proper fit.